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What is flatulence?

Flatulence, or gas is produced as a normal function of the digestive process, and ‘passed’ at regular intervals throughout the day. The amount of wind we pass varies and depends on several factors including diet. Passing wind up to 15 times per day is completely normal. However, excessive gas production with a foul odour can signal imbalances in your gut microbiota, where intestinal bacteria naturally produce gas via fermentation.  

What causes flatulence?

The formation of intestinal gas is largely dependent on the food you eat. The large intestine contains a host of bacteria that help digestion by fermenting the food components that cannot be digested in the small intestine, such as fibre. The process of fermentation produces gas as a by-product.

Fibre is essential to the health of your digestive system, however it can create excessive gas. Fibre should be introduced slowly to allow the bowl sufficient time to adjust and be accompanied with plenty of water. Too much fibre and not enough water can result in constipation.

Similarly, when the body is unable to digest certain foods like lactose and short-chain carbohydrates, known as FODMAPs, excessive amounts of gas is formed. This is because the bacteria in your gut are responsible for finishing off the job, breaking down the difficult to digest foods and creating gas in the process.  

How can Digest Ease help?

Digest Ease contains three carminative herbs – Ginger, Peppermint and Lemon Balm. Carminative herbs are rich in volatile oils and work by stimulating and regulating peristalsis (the contractions responsible for moving food from one part of the gut to another). This process helps to expel gas from the digestive system.

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