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What is abdominal pain? 

Abdominal pain, or sometimes known as a belly ache, may include sensations including sharp, stabbing, cramp-like or twisting pain in your abdomen. Most people will experience occasional abdominal pain, cramping or discomfort at some point, however if it is a frequent occurrence, always consult with a healthcare professional who can assess your condition.

What causes abdominal pain?

The causes behind abdominal pains and cramps can vary. The digestive system is incredibly complex. It is responsible for converting food into the nutrients and energy your body needs to function properly. When this system is out of balance, abdominal pains and cramps can occur, as well as a range of other uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

Some causes associated with abdominal pains include disturbed gastric motility and hypersensitive gastrointestinal nerves. In this case, the nerves in the stomach have a low threshold for irritation, where natural physical processes such as the movement of food or filling the stomach, can trigger the brain to signal pain receptors, causing abdominal pains and cramps.

How can Digest Ease help?

Digest Ease contains the anti-spasmodic herbs Peppermint and Lemon Balm, which reduce abdominal pains, cramps, and spasms by relaxing over-active gastrointestinal muscles. Lemon Balm also reduces inflammation and has a calmative effect on the hypersensitive nerves that surround the digestive system, helping to alleviate the sensation of pain.